You may have a chance to travel this winter. When you are preparing, take a look and see how you can make your trip as zero waste as possible… using Beezy Wrap® beeswax wraps!

You might be surprised how easy it will be!

Below is a list to get you started:

Wrap your Bar Soap: Most liquid soap comes in a plastic container, you must pack it in your suitcase and it may leak, sooo you will probably wrap it in a PLASTIC bag. You can eliminate that by using a soap bar, which you can put in you “carry on” luggage.

A Toothbrush Cover: take a worn wrap and cut it into a smaller size…you can now wrap your toothbrush. It will stay clean and nothing else will get wet. Plus the little piece is easy to clean. Why not take some homemade tooth paste to complete the package. Link here

Wrap those Leftovers: Eating out is always fun and enjoyable, especially when you travel and get to experience some new dishes and flavours. You may have a spot with a kitchen and you can make your own wonderful meals. Bring along some Beezy Wrap® beeswax wraps to keep your veggies fresh in the fridge and to cover left-overs.

Snacks: Bring some beeswax wraps along so you can take snacks on your outings. We use our wraps to make little snack pouches and throw them in our bag.

Use Them While Shopping: You can have a great time getting to know locals and create some curiosity when you ask them to wrap your cheese in a Beezy Wrap® beeswax wrap.

Zero waste traveling doesn’t stop with beeswax wraps, either.

More Zero Waste Travel Tips for You

  • Bring some reusable shopping bags with you. There are many reusable bags that fold neatly to fit in a purse or pocket. A little research will lead you to find some markets and you can enjoy an outing to buy from a local farmer or producer.
  • A reusable water bottle is a must when you hit the road. Most places have refilling stations and don’t be shy about asking for a fill up at a restaurant or shop etc.
  • We’re nuts for SOAP NUTS. Throw some in your suitcase. They can be used over again at least 5 times or so, depending on the size of your load of laundry. Now you don’t have to search for detergent when you travel. And you can have clean clothes anytime!

We would love to hear your ideas for using a Beezy Wrap® beeswax wrap when you travel. You can tag us on Facebook or Instagram.We can’t wait to see what you’re up to.