No hand sanitizer…NO PROBLEM … the thieves knew best: here is a hand sanitizer recipe for you.

These are turbulent times now with the COVID-19 virus. Let’s keep some positive vibes going. Here are some wonderful music links to help keep you inspired and put a smile on your face.

Music can be a comfort during these times. As you may have seen with the footage of Italians singing and playing from their balconies while isolated, music can bring connection and solace. I hope you are still able to enjoy some music while you are at home. There are lots of interesting things you can check out on line, here are some links if you are interested in enjoying them.

I hope you are safe and healthy. I hope you are practising social distancing where possible and self-isolation if you need to. We are all in this together.

Things you may want to check out on line if you are self-isolating

This beautiful video

Please take care and help each other as we try to get through this difficult time.