Solid Dish Soap Bar by Beezy Wrap®


Solid Dish Soap Bar

5 0unces/ 142  grams

Are you looking for a natural, eco-friendly way to do your dishes that is plastic free and zero waste?

Our biodegradable Solid Dish Soap Bar is for you!

Yes, it lathers! This soap will create lots of lather.

Beezy Wrap® Solid Dish Soap is gentle on your hands, and cuts through grease.



Solid Dish Soap Bar

Beezy Wrap® Solid Dish Soap is gentle on your hands, all natural and cuts through grease.

How to Use:

For dishes, just place the soap bar under warm or hot running water for a few moments as you are filling the sink, this will put some cleaning power right in your dish pan.

Place your soap on your soap cozy next to your sink, easy to reach and keeps your soap dry.

Simply rub the soap with your cloth, sponge or scrubby to lather and power through those dishes!

Rinse with warm water and Dry.

Solid dish soap will not suds as much as conventional liquid dish soap, it will create suds on your sponge or cloth and does a great job cleaning and cutting grease. The suds will not last as long as liquid detergents because it does not have added chemicals.

Added BONUS: You are not buying a single use plastic bottle.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of: Coconut, Olive, Cocoa Butter, Castor;

Other Ingredients: organic aloe vera, salt, decyl glucoside(plant based),  and Essential Oils.

Solid Dish Soap Cozy / Scrubby

A soap cozy is perfect to keep your solid dish washing soap bar dry.

Our Solid dish soap cozy / scrubby  is Hand Made from 100% Canadian cotton yarn.

Care: Wash by hand or in washing machine, air dry or pop in the clothes dryer.

Keeping your soap dry will help it last longer.

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