Eco Friendly, zero plastic cleaners for your home.

Solid Dish Soap, Multi Purpose Spray, Laundry Stain Stick.

Cleaners that will not leave traces of chemicals you wouldn’t want your family to come in contact with.

Eco-friendly formulas that WORK!!

Multi Purpose Cleaner: A great all purpose cleaner with pure essential oil benefits and plant-based surfactants, in biodegradable packaging.

Just Add Water…..It’s that easy! Makes 500 ml.

Solid Dish Soap

Are you looking for a natural, eco-friendly way to do your dishes that is plastic free and zero waste?

Our biodegradable Solid Dish Soap Bar is for you!

Yes, it lathers! Beezy Wrap® Solid Dish Soap is gentle on your hands, and cuts through grease.

All natural, Biodegradable, environmentally friendly products made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Zero Plastic, Zero Waste.

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