> Beeswax or plant based wrap

> Glass jars or mason jars

> Glass reusable containers

> Bar soap : hand and dish soap

> Plant based dish washing soap

> Cloth towels instead of paper towels

> Re-usable shopping bags

> Re-usable coffee cup

> Re-usable water bottle

A huge part of green living and reducing your carbon footprint is being mindful about the amount of waste you are producing. Business and corporations have a huge impact on our planet but we as individuals also contribute to the amount of waste produced. Our Beezy Wrap mantra is “We each are small, Together we can be MIGHTY”. We all have to do our part.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the “go green”, “zero waste” information etc. just start with one small thing. It takes time to adopt new habits into our day to day life style, but each small thing will make a huge impact if we do it together. Download a FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST

Paper is the world’s most recycled product.

Plastic is one of the least recycled products.

Canadians throw away 3.3 million tonnes of plastic each year…almost half of this is packaging…..only 9% is recycled!!

86% ends up in landfills, 9% is recycled , the rest is incinerated or ends up as litter.

Single use plastics are one of the worst polluters of land, sea and air.

Professor of Geography at Memorial University and Director of the CLEAR laboratory on plastic pollution, Max Liboiron says: The claim that recycling is the panacea for plastic pollution has been promoted for decades by the plastics industry and its allies.

“Recycling was formalized and launched in 1970 on Earth Day…by the Container Corporation of America, which had sponsored a design competition for the now-universal recycling symbol” explains Liboiron. Industry’s hope was that recycling would alleviate or ease growing concerns about the environmental and aesthetic impact of pollution(and this includes disposable plastic)

Recycling is NOT the answer to Canada’s plastic problem.

Plastic contributes to Climate Change

Credits: Green and Prosperous