Beekeepers in Canada/Canadian Honey Council

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Beeswax Wraps begin with the Mighty Bee Canadian Honey Council/ Beekeepers in Canada There are approximately 7,000 beekeepers in Canada operating a total of 600,000 colonies of honeybees. The ratio of commercially operated bee colonies to those owned by hobbyists is 80:20 and the reverse is true for the number of operators i.e 20% of the beekeepers maintain 80% of the colonies. Prairies The prairie provinces of Alberta, [...]

Zero Waste Mother’s Day

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Zero Waste Mother's Day "Keep it simple" this Mother's Day. Send Mom or your favorite "Mom Person" a gift certificate. There are lots of online options & you can make it Zero Waste With Covid restrictions, in person visits may be out of the question. You can send Mom or your favorite "Mom Person" a gift certificate. There are lots of online options and Mom can enjoy a [...]

Beezy Wrap® Beeswax Wrap Brochure

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Beezy Wrap® Beeswax Wrap Brochure. You can download a printable brochure here Shop our products Keep food fresh longer! Say goodbye to plastic wrap and hello to wonderful beeswax wraps that will continue to stick after multiple uses. Self adhesive and air resistant, our wraps add colour and fun to your fridge, pantry or lunch bag. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, including the plant based window on the [...]

Food Waste Checklist: more than half our food is wasted

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Food waste is something that we all do at some point. We all hate throwing food away, it costs us money and is bad for the environment. It doesn't feel so bad when we think we are the only one but when we look at some statistics we can get a better feel for the impact food waste has. A report by Second Harvest, an agency that works [...]

Beware: Giant Hogweed

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If you are out enjoying nature this summer please pay close attention to your surroundings: This plant is found all across Canada. hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)General Information: Giant hogweed is a perennial member of the carrot family originally from Asia. It was introduced in Nova Scotia as an ornamental garden plant. This plant has the potential to readily spread from gardens along roadsides, ditches and streams invading native [...]

We’ll Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

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 A little help from our friends. We'll get by with a little help from our friends. No hand sanitizer...NO PROBLEM ... the thieves knew best: here is a hand sanitizer recipe for you. These are turbulent times now with the COVID-19 virus. Let's keep some positive vibes going. Here are some wonderful music links to help keep you inspired and put a smile on your face. Music [...]

Do It Yourself Beeswax Wrap refresh with Beezy Wrap® Wax Nuggets

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Do It Yourself Beeswax Wrap Refresh Are your beeswax wraps getting a little tired and worn out? Here is a step by step do it yourself guide to refresh your wraps with Beezy Wrap® wax nuggets. Or, if you have your own fabric, you may want to make your own beeswax wrap. Each nugget contains our wonderful and unique recipe for beeswax [...]

Zero Waste Travel Tips Using Beewax Wrap

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You may have a chance to travel this winter. When you are preparing, take a look and see how you can make your trip as zero waste as possible... using Beezy Wrap® beeswax wraps! You might be surprised how easy it will be! Below is a list to get you started: Wrap your Bar Soap: Most liquid soap comes in a plastic container, you must pack it in [...]

Beezy Wrap Beeswax Bags Are Coming Soon!

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We are doing some testing with friends and family...all reports so far have been positive. These bags are great for apples, lettuce, veggies, bread and anything you can think of!  The Extra Large wrap is good for bread also but rumors are that it doesn’t get wrapped up again. Ha ha… We will also have snack size bags for snacks, sandwiches, veggies, crackers etc. Still some [...]

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