We are doing some testing with friends and family…all reports so far have been positive.

These bags are great for apples, lettuce, veggies, bread and anything you can think of!  The Extra Large wrap is good for bread also but rumors are that it doesn’t get wrapped up again. Ha ha…

We will also have snack size bags for snacks, sandwiches, veggies, crackers etc.

apples in a beeswax bag prototype

Still some tweaks to go, but getting excited!

I was skeptical at first because you can make a nice pouch from a flat Beezy Wrap ®beeswax wrap (see how in this video) After using the different sized bags I am sold! I took my apples home from the market and they fit nicely in one of the waxed bags. Leftover crackers were easily packed away in the snack pouch. You were right!! We need these.

Anything we can do to keep our food fresh longer is a bonus.  Easy lunch prep will keep us from buying those plastic wrapped sandwiches and snacks. We will save money, keep our food fresh longer and be environmentally aware. Gotta LOVE it!

This fits nicely with our resolution to be more aware of the places plastic can sneak into our life-style. Now I am not so tempted to buy that plastic bag of apples because now I have a nice place to store them when I get home and I get to support my local producer.

Recipe Recommendation: Detox Turmeric Lentil Soup

Winter, Winter go away, come again another day….

Try this amazing recipe from Simply Quinoa… I did and it was delicious! Great to chase away the winter blahs it will warm you from the inside out. And oh so good for you, too.