Beeswax Food Wrap

Made in Canada with quality ingredients.

Eliminate single use plastic with our vibrant beeswax food wrap.

Keep food fresh longer. Add colour and fun to your fridge, pantry or lunch bag.

Our wonderful customers say “We have tried other brands, Beezy Wrap® are the best”

All natural, biodegradable, reusable, and washable.

 Say GOOD-BYE to plastic wrap and HELLO to Beezy Wrap.

Our beeswax food wraps will continue to stick after multiple uses and will last a year or more.

Flat Wraps, Pouches, Bags or Rolls: Choose your favorite

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Beezy Wrap: The one that sticks!

Using our trade secret technique and unique recipe, our beeswax wraps will continue to stick after multiple uses. Investing in eco-friendly food wrap alternatives has never been easier!

Zero Waste Policy

We have a zero waste philosophy. In running our business, it’s important to us that we produce as little waste as possible. We make a use for everything we process!

100% Biodegradable Packaging

Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, including the plant based window on the front.

With a variety of patterns and sizes, which wrap will you choose?

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What’s the BUZZ all about?

Proudly Canadian, Beezy Wrap® beeswax wraps are made from a unique blend of high quality natural ingredients, beeswax food wrap will replace your throw-away single-use plastic wrap & baggies.

Our wraps are eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable. How do we accomplish that?

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We offer custom orders!

Need a special size or large volume order? We can help! Send a special corporate gift that shows your company cares about the environment. We can make any special beeswax wrap to suit your needs. Plus: custom printing is coming soon!

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Beezy Wrap® eco friendly beeswax food wrap
Beeswax Wrap by Beezy Wrap®. A Biodegradable environmentally friendly beeswax food wrap made in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Beeswax Wrap by Beezy Wrap®. A Biodegradable all natural, eco friendly beeswax food wrap made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Some of Our Happy Bees

 After a full week in the fridge, my cucumber was as fresh as the day I bought it! DEFINITELY recommend for anyone trying to minimize their carbon footprint.

This product is amazing! It’s the best beeswax wrap I have ever used!… no effort to clean or reuse. Food remains fresh longer and most importantly it’s environmentally friendly.